Etherpoly - Become A Real Estate Magnate & Earn Passive Ether Income

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Become A Real Estate Magnate & Earn Passive Ether Income



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  • Etherpoly is a decentralized game on the Ethereum Blockchain, which you can buy, upgrade, trade and sell virtual cities, to get revenues.

  • Metamask pluging is required, to can play the game in order to explore the virtual world on the blockchain and to can buy your virtual city token.

  • OLY Virtual City Tokens ( ERC721 ) is the main non mintable cryptocurrency, which can use to buy the desired city that is for sale to generate passive OLY revenues.

  • OLY Revenues is your passive income, generated by your virtual city that can use to upgarde your city or to buy another city that can be sold, in OLY or in ETH.

Did you know that owners of Etherpoly city tokens earn a cryptocurrency called OLY every hour? Building a house increases revenues by 25%, hotels by 50%, offices by 15% and +50 OLY, factories by +100 OLY.

Try this augmented reality game & start earning your "OLY" cryptocurrency now!



Hunter: @lordoftruth

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Great hunt @lordoftruth! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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You had me with "magnate" this game looks quite interesting, definitely going to check it out, plus it's blockchain based. Awesome hunto.

  ·  2년 전

Games and crypto go along very nice. I have been trying some as well. This looks like a monopoly :) Building cities and earning from them. At least people are familiar with the concept.

Etherpoly looks really interesting game. I always looking for good Blockchain games, and this one it seems to be one of them.
Good hunt friend!!

This is similar to MOSS coin. While i am not sure how this type of games actually generates real value, I see that this game is based on novel ideas.

It sounds great to earn passive ether income by a game. I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

It may be profitable to play Etherpoly. Passive income ratios are great. Thanks for sharing Etherpoly.

This is what I will call double fun, to play a game and also earn some money while having fun, this is wonderful ,I need to get this asap

Great Hunt


  • You play and earn
  • It's Built on the ether block chain
  • Its fun and easy to play


  • None

Etherpoly looks like an interesting game, Iam sure it worths of a try. Thanks for sharing. Perfect hunt.

I'm great at Monopoly (granted I'm usually playing against a 9 year old) so I'd love to give Etherpoly a chance and maybe earn some free coins.

It's fun seeing all of the smart contract based games that are popping up on Ethereum. Hopefully they can scale and get the network issues sorted out, because cryptocurrency is the future of gaming!

nice hunt @lordoftruth!

  ·  2년 전

Nice hunt!
What an amazing idea! It would definitely change our day!
Nice to see another decentralized concept application!
Thanks for the sharing!

This is very interesting. I wonder if we will see something like this on steem.

Great hunt.


Games on steem network will be much better. You wouldn't need to pay for every transition.

You like play sanal game this good. You will buy city with the tokens it is very less currency. Good game and nice hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Moved to the Hive platform.

I like blockchain based games especially ethereum ones. Etherpoly looks like an interesting game to play. Sure I will give it a try.

It's looking nice like most of ETH based games. Especially that you can get passive income from it. But gas ruins game experience.

@lordoftruth excellent hunt, I really like the theme of the game, the constructions of the virtual type have captivated me at some time, and best of all we can earn money while we play, an almost perfect combination
thank you very much for letting us know
I wish you a happy hunt

Great idea for sure @lordoftruth.

Looks amazing. Fun and earn in one package:)
Great hunt my friend. Wish you great success here.
Keep hunting amazing products.

Games with gameplay to build cities, can buy and sell them with blockchain technology, this seems promising and will be a great game.,

I feel like this is Monopoly on the blockchain. Lol! I like this idea, though. It sounds like a fun game to play the character of a bigshot real estate developer.


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