Cryptocribs - Share your Home or Apartment and earn Cryptocurrency

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Share your Home or Apartment and earn Cryptocurrency



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For everybody, who is looking for a convenient way to spend some of his cryptocurrency the online rental service "Cryptocribs" could be a handy option.
Cryptocribs wants to provide a peer-to-peer solution to conquer the trust problem with renting out apartments to strangers around the world. The first phase they plan to act as a trusted hub by hosting offers on the platform CryptoCribs that accepts only crypto.
This platform will be commission-based and participating nodes, i.e. guests and hosts, are incentivized to join
and contribute to the network through activity and review based commission rewards.
That is a great way to get in touch with other crypto enthusiast from all around the world and generate some extra income off your free housing space.



Hunter: @masterthematrix

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  • like airbnb but kinda better
  • love the notion of staying at peoples houses that are into crypto too
  • will get aquired by airbnb or they will be forced to accept crypto too


  • we don't have steem as payment on there yet? or do we? :)

Unfortunatly Steem is not the official payment but you always have the possibility to convert your Steem/SBD into BTC when you use Blocktrades.


that's true yeah.

I think we'll start to see a lot of "Crypto version of X" until it is more widely accepted as a form of payment. pros: looks well designed and obvs uses crypto +1 cons: needs a good critical mass of locations and users to become serious competition


Thanks for your feedback I guess you right these things need a lot more time to develop and offer more locations but it will be good in the future!

A brilliant concept!


Yes the perfect vacation for the next crypto bull run!

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