COVID-19 Prevention Index - Preventive measures watch through users' feedback


COVID-19 Prevention Index

Preventive measures watch through users' feedback



Hunter's comment

Hi Hunters,
Introducing COVID-19 Prevention Index. A collective effort platform consisting hope and encouragement to fight against COVID-19.

Platform holds key questions to preventive measures that must be present until scientists & doctors find an effective cure.


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Very useful for everyone to stay safe and careful this time from Covid-19

This is nice. Despite keeping to social distancing we still do need each other in this times to be able to fight against this pandemic.


The more people practice hygiene (wearing masks, washing clothes at high temperatures, making sure their homes and places of work are ventilated, washing hands regularly and taking vitamin d), the safer we all will be.

It's very useful hunting under this Covit19 situation. We can easily get some idea and hope through this platform so that we can take some preventive measures. Nice hunting

They said prevention is better than cure. It will be really good if we all have the idea on how to prevent contracting the virus.


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