Phone Toaster - Multifunction 5-in-1 Phone Sanitizer


Phone Toaster

Multifunction 5-in-1 Phone Sanitizer

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Hi everyone,
Introducing Phone Toaster, A device designed to make a daily habit of mobile hygiene, without any hassle. Sanitize easily while you are charging your cell. If you need a battery boost midday or a charge overnight. It can work all the time.



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I like the idea - that it sanitises your phone while it recharges it. But not sure about the name of this product. When I saw the word "toaster" I had visions of the phone being destroyed and becoming "toast".

Its a nice concept for sure and much needed these days because of the covid-19 pandemic.

  ·  작년

This comes with awesome feature, first it can sanitize your mobile phone, and keep it safe.

  ·  작년

Phone Toaster is good with all efficient features and cool design. Can perform multiple convenient tasks.

Cool design but the most outstanding thing is definitely the concept of having a lot of useful things in one device.

When coronavirus got very popular, I just knew the world of technology needed to be smarter.
Thanks for sharing this hunt

This is a multifunctional device that help to solve a lot of problems and work all the time

Nice concept of many things in one device. Great

Wow quick charging and sanitizing cannot be a difficult task for mobile phone after using this device. It can automatically sanitize phone that's why it's very much handy full stop thanks for this innovative and nice hunting

Nice product here for our phone to look good.


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