REFLIKO MARA - The Mirror Of The Future



The Mirror Of The Future


Hunter's comment

Hi everyone,
Presenting REFLIKO MARA, a multifunctional mirror with a lot of amazing features. It can facilitate your life and can improve your productivity in many ways. Its truly a mirror of future.


It provides you fittness guidance by connecting with multiple fittness apps. It makes online shopping easy.


Characteristics of MARA

73″ Mirror Glass
43″ HD Touch Display
Pure Android 7
HD Front Camera
Omni-Directional Microphone
Dual Speakers
Wifi, ethernet, Bluetooth
32GB Storage
Hexa-core 64-bit ARM CPU
Install millions of Android apps
Dimensions: W24″ x H69″ x D16″
Weight 84 lbs


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  ·  작년

Awesome product! We've had smaller screens with smartphones. Now we can have bigger screens with these mirrors. They'd be great for shopping malls :)

  ·  작년

REFLIKO MARA is really a versatile invention which can make your professional and digital world more advanced with all necessary tools and features.

  ·  작년

Wow, what an amazing technology, thanks for bringing this to us.

This mirror is pretty sick I love the design and the functionality.

Great hunt

This is a dream product, I am sure it will be very costly. Not everyone could afford it.

Wow! What a great thing you have searched. I have seen many types of things like this but this is so good as we can do many great htings using this and can correct our selves. Great Hunt!

Wow what a mirror mate I cant understand how technology improved so much in the last years couple years ago we could see that mirror in sci-fi movies but now they are at everywhere.

What a great and amazing hunt. I am see this type of mirror first time of my life. This mirror helps you to become your body fitness perfect. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.


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An improved life an adorable one.
Make your life adorable with this
Thanks for sharing

32 GB storage is huge. It can improve the lifestyle in every Arena. We can use this mirror as a personal secretary. Very lucrative Idea and nice hunting