Soapstone - a sustainable way to sanitise your hands



a sustainable way to sanitise your hands


Hunter's comment

Hi everyone,
Introducing Soapstone, a sustainable device which is easy to use and can sanitize your hands to keep you germ free all the time.
Soapstone can be easily refill.


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It looks cool. The only issue is that alcohol based sanitiser can be very drying on the hands. You might be better off washing your hands with soap and water to prevent your skin cracking.

Interesting product not too sure about the discreet roll idea usual when sharing I guess but apart from that seems like a solid product very easy to use, you can even pick you own lead and it's also a smarter way for the environment as it will save in using plastics as not only is it titanium so expect durable but also recyclable.

Easier and smarter way to sanitize your yand. Good solution amid covid-19 pandemics. By the way what is the price of soapstone?

Great and innovative find. Corona days are going and everyone use sanitizer day and night.

Even smarter way to sanitize hand. In this COVID-19 situation it gonna be much needed product. Nice hunting and thanks for this good hunting

Soapstone promises to be a useful, new age sanitizer.
Interesting Hunt! @meerab88
Thank you! 🙏


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