Vuzix blade - now we can see the increased reality

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Vuzix blade

now we can see the increased reality


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Hunter's comment

The increased reality eyewear that embodies consumers' dreams comes from Vuzix, a software development company. The Vuzix Blade enhanced reality goggles that the company offers at CES 2018 have all the features we expect from Google Glass. Using a mini DLP projector, the device can create full-color images on the screen.

If we need to start with the design, we can say that the Vuzix Blade is a well worked device. There's no way a person who sees a glass from a distance can distinguish it from a normal eyeglass. A close-up person can see that Vuzix Blade is not a normal spectacle when he only sees the light from the glasses and the frames that are slightly thicker than normal.

Apart from that, the Vuzix Blade has all the equipment that can work without requiring any auxiliary equipment. This enhanced reality features a processor running a customized version of Android, 8MP camera, 4GB of storage space, MicroSD card slot, wi-fi connectivity and a microphone with touchpad to control



Hunter: @mesutkrgln

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