RGB Fibonacci Clock - A fun Fibonacci clock for math fans


RGB Fibonacci Clock

A fun Fibonacci clock for math fans



Hunter's comment

The above video explain and shows how the above name gadget works. It has arduino Mega, DS3231 RTC module used to control, wood and a methacrylate housing, and finally lots of programmable RGB LEDs for indicating of number.




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I've had a keen interest in Fibonacci and sacred geometry in general. The universe has a lot more order and a lot more chaos than what people would normally expect.

Understand from the video, the Fibonacci sequencing. @mittymartz
How does this make it a clock, though?
Have I missed a time indicator somewhere?
Or, is the word clock used as a synonym for counter?

Interesting and rather unique. Great hunt as I've not seen anything like this before. Kool for those interested in learning this as well....


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  ·  작년

I dont really understand how it works but it looks really interesting since I'm computer engineering students it makes me wanted to do this. Although its complicated clock. :D

Me and anything numbers are words and opposite. I hope I get over this someday.


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