Climbro - Innovative & Smart Training Tool for Climbers

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Innovative & Smart Training Tool for Climbers


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Hunter's comment

Climbro is an AI based personal trainer for climbers which is designed and works on world famous climbers techniques.

Every trainee has different physical capabilities and strength, so it is logical to have training exercises according to one's physique.

In fact, Climbro is a combination of a HANG-BOARD & an APP...

Climbro App is a very powerful tool …it is your pocket personal trainer that takes your individual characteristics and guides you towards maximizing your physical abilities to climb higher grades.

As mentioned above, it has extended training techniques of hundreds of world known climbers, so, IMO, this would be all you need if you are training on your own.

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I'm neither a climber or a very athletic person. I'm not the most qualified person to evaluate Climbro properly. But I am very interests to see what it can do. The app is probably a great place to start. The biggest advantage for the climber community is that if people start using the app to get the basic training done, the trainers can skip the basics and put their time into coaching the newbies at a more challenging level.

Climbing is very nice exercise. And good useful operation of functional groups. This training can improve the stamina. Climbers have good stamina. Nice tool for climbers. Good hunting.


Agreed on all accounts. Wish you a lovely day.

This should be really fun climbing on this personal trainer. I would say it's a great fitness activity strengthening your muscles and at the same time experiencing the climbing activity indoor in addition it is also great for peoples who want to enhance their upper body strength. Nice hunt.

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Thank you, @dayleeo. Wish you a very lovely day ahead.

Clombing is Beneficial for health it will not only help you in building your biceps , triceps but also will let you know how much stamina your muscles got and how much Power you can bear in Your hands :)

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Thanks. Wish you a nice day, ahead.

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