OneSafe - Advanced security for your passwords and confidential data



Advanced security for your passwords and confidential data



Hunter's comment

With this app, you can store all your sensitive information in one place..

Its well-organized system of categories, favorites and search features lets you find your stored information quickly and easily.

App is available for android and iOS devices.


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Securing password and confidential data is a big issue specially if you have discrete data. OneSafe is a nice solution to save thing at one place. It will save a lot of time and efforts and data is readily avialable. My only concern is about the safety of Onesafe. Anyway Nice hunt.

  ·  작년

Cool product to store your password in a single place. But online data can be accessed by hackers. I have trust issues with these types of apps

It is a great application to log in to the applications we use today or to gather information in the files where we protect our private information in one place, both to remember and protect our passwords.

Onesafe is must have application for everyone who is part of internet and through this we can ensure that our info and credentials are safe.

Security is the first thing that we always want to ensure a higher level. This is a good app to keep our information safe.

What a great and amazing hunt. You can find best place to save our personal data easily. I am also using this app and secure my data. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

In fact, this is a great hunt. We have found a good place to secure data easily through this app. In this we all needed such a safe place to record our personal data. I like this. thank you for sharing.

  ·  작년

Awesome way to hide our secrets in one place.

Very helpful Very good application. I really like it because it works around Dropbox so you have your data on all devices, but with different logins in addition changing passwords regularly and often is important. With so many to keep track of I needed a "safe" place to record it all. With this app I can change any password, any time, and I only have to truly remember one! Great Hunt

The question is "how safe is One Safe". I am nervous about storing my passwords anywhere online. I don't even allow my browser to remember passwords. Going old school and writing them all down in a notebook by my desk (or just memorising them) has prevented me from getting hacked.

We want to secure our personal data. This is very good way to do so. Nice hunt.

  ·  작년

The risk of data loss is always threatening to the technology users. we definitely need such kind of apps to store private information. One Safe is the perfect app which can provide ultimate security to all our private data. Magnificent Hunt.

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