Moxie - Social & Sensitive Robot for Kids

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Social & Sensitive Robot for Kids



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Moxie is a companion robot for children that besides teaching and entertaining them will also take care of them and become sensitive to them using an AI module that will turn it into a kind of electronic guardian.


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It's so cute, children would love to play with this wonderful robot. Great find.

Wow, what a beautiful robot, It is looking like jado character used in one of indian movies. I am impressed.

Great hunt! seems a nice robotic companion for kids that help kids to teach them different things and engage them while their parents are busy

What a great and amazing hunt. I totally appreciate your effort. You can find best and good looking robot for our kids. I am also purchase this robot for my kids. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Great hunt dear feiend
This is really amazing and social companion robot and kids will really enjoy while playing with it.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Beautiful creation and when something like this is for kids , I am very positive about it , upvote from me

Wow! What a great robot you have searched. I have seen many types of robots like this but this is so good as this robot can be perfectly fit for our children. Great Hunt!

This is very smart looking robot. Kids should enjoy and play nicely with this smart toy

This is looking more like a beautiful toy and certainly a good looking robot which will bring more attention by kids for sure


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