Bluetooth Photo Printer - A portable printer connected to your phone!

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Bluetooth Photo Printer

A portable printer connected to your phone!



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Hunter's comment

Smartphones are part of our daily lifes and we tend to carry them everywhere we go. So why not take a wireless Bluetooth printer with you too in case you need to print something via your Smartphone.

Instantly print out what you see on your mobile screen as it is easily connected to your phone. The mini printer is light and very easy to carry out. It is a very simple idea, yet it can be beneficiary in the right situation.


Battery: 1000mA (built-in)
Charge time: 1.5h
Standby time: one week
Charging port: 5V, USB interface
System: suitable for Android 4.0, suitable for iOS0.0 or above.
Max. Resolution: 203dpi
Double-sided Printing: No
Internal Memory: None
Voltage: 100-240V
Paper Feed Mode: Manual
Supports Network Printing: Wireless / Bluetooth 4.0
Print Speed: 40ppm
Consumable Type: Thermal Paper
Max Paper Size: 57x30mm/2.24x1.18''
Size: 83 x 83 x 45mm/3.26x3.26x1.77''<


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Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I totally appreciate your efford. You find best and perfect product. Technology helps you to spend your life become easy. Now a days everyone use smart phones. Bluetooth funtion of this printer is very great. Connect Bluetooth with your smart phone and print your favorite things. High quality battery attached. 1.5 hour battery timming. Thats not bad. Many features of this printer. Everyone like your cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you very much for the comment and your feedback! Glad you liked it

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Great hunt! This is the smallest printer that I have ever seen. I think it can easily fit into my trousers pockets, which enables me to take it anywhere I go. This is a big step in portable printing technology.

This is printing in a whole different level. Coupling portability and wireless connection into printing in smartphones. This is awesome.


This is just the beginning. Technology is constantly moving forward but this small printer is very innovative.
Glad you liked it!