Shark Tron - Stake TRX and Earn SRX | Unlike others, SRX Price maintain

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Shark Tron

Stake TRX and Earn SRX | Unlike others, SRX Price maintain


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Hunter's comment

As the name suggests, Shark Tron is a platform on Tron.

Users can mine SRX tokens by staking TRX. What makes this site different from other DeFi or Yeild Farming Tron projects (Yield Farming / DeFi is yet to come) is consistency in the price of SRX.

They launched SRX on Justswap on 20th of September with 1 SRX = $0.0586 and today its price is 1 SRX = $0.0707.

This can be analyze on Justswap Scan.

Minimum 100 TRX can be staked which mine, 1.2 SRX per day.

For the time being, level 2 out of 9 is running, and with each level percentage of mining SRX will reduce.

Click if you want to stake TRX and earn SRX: Shark Tron

(Above link has my referral included. Don't want to use it, then click "CHECK IT OUT" button.)

IMHO, Shark Tron is moderate opportunity to earn.


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The name itself is frightening to me. But if it's working for you, it's good. Personally, I'd like to stay away from sharks 😜


Hahaha... Well said. Your ID suggests that too.

STUPID: Sharks To you (U), Personally, I Don't like them.


You're very intelligent to understand even a Stupid! 🤣