Shuttle Bike Kit - Best Bike for Enjoyment

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Shuttle Bike Kit

Best Bike for Enjoyment

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Hunter's comment

Hi! I am a university student who loves the latest devices. I introduced an innovative product called NOAQ Shuttle Bike Kit.
Shuttle Bike Kit is made in Italy. You can also use it for fun, sport. You can easy to convert your bike into the watercraft. The setup involves attaching the bike to dual 300 cm inflatable pontoons.
The whole assembly takes under 10 minutes, with disassembly undertaking a minute.

For more information check this video.



Hunter: @muhammadhateeb

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It's cool that its inflatable so its easy to carry around. You can also use your existing bike. Great hunt!

remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love!

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This is crazy! I want to experience this one with my friends, driver can have an exercise while he/she is having fun. Cool hunt @muhammadhateeb !

With this one you can burn a lot of calories :). Easy to convert the bike, and do it in a fast way is a pro. Nice one. And yes it can be a lot of fun.

For walking this bike will be so useful, some fun van also be catch with the use of this bike. What a amazing bike like this. The assembly is so easy and it doesn't take much time.

Great hunt

Spent a lot of time trying to imagine how this will actually feel. This is different and spectacular. It a new way to ride on water

I saw a similar product again on this platform a few days ago. Such marine products are popular for the summer. You go to work at sea and go to HRM. Its design needs something more beautiful view.


  • water bicycle
  • Unique Idea
  • Hand made
  • High quality product


  • None

Nice Hunt, a bicycle on water, really is a unique idea

you can go to the lake and go from one side to another without leaving your bike to the side with the shuttle bike you can install it on your bike and pedal to the other side it will not take you long to install it just 10 minutes

Doesn't look that hard to setup and there is a lot of unique experiencestyle to be had.

Assembly and disassembly can be done very quickly. A good tool to have fun on the water. You can use it as a bike at any time. Cool hunt.

I would like to take a tour on Shuttle Bike Kit on water. Great hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Another Awesome Hunt from @muhammadhateeb. You can also use it for racing. I wait for your next hunt.

NYC HUNT @muhammadhateeb. I really like this bike. You can easy to assemble and disassemble it. thank you for sharing.

It looks like a funny and enjoyable way for riding. Thanks for sharing. Perfect hunt.

Iam not sure if I would like to ride a bicycle on the water, I prefer engined one, maybe I am too lazy, LoL, btw, great hunt.

A great innovative product, without having to change a lot of things on the authenticity of the bike, can function to pedal in combination with the Shuttle Bike Kit, creative.

Shuttle bike kit is an advanced technical bike that is different from other bikes. It can be enjoyed by running on top of water. Many beautiful Hunter.

Well this is certainly a different and unique way to exercise........ go fishing or just experience a different and new sensation. Nice!

This is an amazing water sports gadgets. I can see people having plenty of fun with it over the summers. Great Hunt

this is an amphibian bicycle but i have a doubt, can we disarm or quit the bicycle of the boat and use that in water and the street when we want?

It would be funny to ride a bike on a lake. It is a smart idea. Perfect hunt.

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Who could think that the bicycle and will get used to a sport in the water. I imagine a career with this fabulous invention, at least I know I would not fall, it looks safer.

such a fun device! I already can see different kinds of championship!

Hihihi... i want to try it. Thanks for this information. Steemhunt the best


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Congratulation for yourShuttle Bike Kit - Best Bike for Enjoyment is very nicebutterflies-3524415__340.jpg