Incredible HLQ - Autonomously picks and delivers 50 Pounds

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Incredible HLQ

Autonomously picks and delivers 50 Pounds



Hunter's comment


This is a gas powered quadcopter. An amazing product which can lift weight up to 50 pounds. The flight of the quadcopter is controlled by DIYDrone's Adupilot APM205+ Module and its flight can be visualised by utilizing computer vision system and can be identified by the inbuilt tracking system.


You may watch the video here.

I found this quadcore an incredible invention. It can be used in taking medicine, parcels and things needed to be deliver on urgent bases.

You can find more details on this product here



Hunter: @muhammadsaqib

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Wow this thing is really amazing!!!!!
Incredible HLQ is seriously incredible. Its best for pretty much many situations like when you need something like you want send some help to some injured this is quickest easiest way when he/she is in some place far away like jungle.
Great hunt!

Hi @muhammadsaqib,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Extra simple!!