NERA E-Motorcycle - The World’s first fully 3D printed e-motorcycle

2년 전

NERA E-Motorcycle

The World’s first fully 3D printed e-motorcycle



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Hunter's comment


The most innovative bike that revolutionizes the whole automobile industry.

Key Features

  • All parts of the Nera E-bike are 3D printed except the Electronic part
  • Airless Tires
  • Eco-friendly
  • Heavy shock absorbers
  • Forkless steering


Source: Youtube



Hunter: @muhammadsaqib

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I love the stylish bikes and this one attract me the most, I boosted this hunt not only it was stylish, but the reason of boosted this hunt was also that it is the world first 3D made

wow nice bike man! It's crazy how much the design can be changed without the conventional engine there. It's so exotic looking. Nice find buddy. 3D printing is really taking off! Imagine being able to print a bike like this ourselfs one day lol awesome

I love the whole concept behind this motorcycle because in addition to being fully printed and assembled with 3D printed parts has the system of wheels without air that gives greater stability and speed. No doubt this motorcycle could soon mark a before and after in the future of manufacture of vehicles. Just imagine the day when everyone can create and then assemble custom vehicles is really amazing and promising.

  ·  2년 전

Great Hunt @muhammadsaqib
Yesterday I boasted a hunt showing 3d printed titanium wheel and today I am looking at a whole 3d printed bike...That gives a pretty good idea what 3d printing can achieve...

I am sorry, I can't resist....I am boasting your hunt:)



Lmao 😂

It's a fantastic motorcycle and on the other hand, it is made of electronic technology and you can use it by charging. This feature is quite luxurious and beautiful and it is great due to which the four moons have been installed with you.

this product is just like the electric bikes used in the futuristic sci-films I do watch. I believe this product could revolutionizing the world of bike. Awesome hunt

It is a great E-motor bike.It is very nice design and smart.Everybody want to drive because of nice design 3D printed and other accessories parts are also perfected.So I like so much about it.You are one of the best on steemhunt.

This product really captures my imagination of possibilities for 3d printing. The bike is simply incredible, it’s unique design and efficient functionality are groundbreaking. This is a really good hunt! Thanks for the post 😀

In fact, modern technology is going to give us the gift of new innovation and innovative things. It's a completely innovative bike that you have presented today, and I believe that it will bring revolution to the whole automobile industry. Because it is 3D printed and fully environmentally friendly. GOOD HUNT

The look of this bike is enough to wow every individual. Airless tires is a superb tires to have any car and especially motorcycle. With this sleek designed 3D, every eye would be on the rider.

I am wondering, if we will soon see world's first 3-d printed human 😝😝😝

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