Sulis - Making Water Scarcity a Thing of the Past

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Making Water Scarcity a Thing of the Past



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Sulis is a very innovative product for end water scarcity. In the world water and specifically the clean water has become scarce. In many parts of the world pure water has become is very luxury. It purifies 12 Liters of water in just 7 hours in the sunlight. Just took 12 liters of impure water and put the catayst in the water and


source: youtube

I in love this product and in kind of such products that works for the people of the world not for just one nation .



Hunter: @muhammadsaqib

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Great project. There are some similar things out their but the biggest problem with them is that is not afortable due to high tech components and stuff but this clearly shows you can do the same thing with no real high tech stuff. Awesome!

This is some truly great innovation. 12 Liters in just 7 hours is easily good enough for a family. Even more developed countries could use this in times of drought or simply to just make the water clean in more polluted areas. It's a great product. My only concern is the durability of the product. Most water cleaning mechanisms I know needs to be replaced before long. But an affordable price can make it easier to buy new ones.

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People in my country is suffering from water scarcity these days so this item catched my attention, this water purifier could be very helpful in areas where quality of water is precarious. I would like people in need could have access to things like this, Sulis could bring health to entire communities. Sharing is good, water is the most precious natural and vital resource and everybody should be able to enjoy of healthy refreshing clean water, thanks for sharing.