Chamet - Connect and Make friends from all over the world

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Connect and Make friends from all over the world



Hunter's comment

This is a nice app with which you can use video calling, live chat and various other features to connect with friends from all over the world. You can even match with the people of your interest and make them friend.

Chamet will take away your bored life and will make it interesting by helping you chat and meet new friends. Anytime and anywhere you can connect with other people and it is the good way to communicate with different cultured people and get to know their ideas about life, countries, habits and hobbies.


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Making friends is nice because this way we get to know about people across the world and their culture.

Connecting and making friends all over the world can be quite interesting. Especially if you can always see them while talking with them on your device.

Hi dear hunter @mukund123 you share a really great hunt for All people. It's easier way to Smart Plug is compatible with most popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Chamet is a great app for making and connecting with new friends all over the world, thanks for sharing.

Great and innovative find. I am also found this type of app and make friend's over all the world.

This is really a great app for spending your time with your friends from all over the world even you can video call or chat and make friends

Actually, meeting different people across the world gives us the opportunity to learn new things.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us

Quarantine days now best time to explore yourself and make new friends globally!


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You have shared a great hunt. It is very helpful.

Virtual socialization is the in thing these days. Integrating all interactive features like live chat and video chat in a single app make it more livelier.

Its time to be engaged with global people and make them friends. We can easily know the situation and culture of the different arena of the globe through making and connecting friends abroad.