Medica - Medication Reminder& Pill Tracker

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Medication Reminder& Pill Tracker


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Hi Guys,

today I am sharing a hunt which can help you track your medicine schedule and you wont miss any dose ever. Taking timely medicine is very important and this app is the one can take care of it.

With Medica, add medications, capture medicine photos, and set schedule of when to take them. When it's med time, Medica will remind you. Take or skip doses, record notes, and track your adherence…



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I also forget to take my medicines on time. This app will help me a lot.

For old people who are suffering from multiple ailments, and who have to take a lot of different medications, a tracker like this is the only way to ensure no overdoses happen.

Many do not take to time while in medication which really slow the effect of medicine and reaction. This will really helps to track and also serves as a reminder for them. It's really a nice hunt.


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