SportCrypt - trade throughout a sporting match

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trade throughout a sporting match


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The first Peer-to-Peer Sportsbetting platform on the Ethereum Mainnet. The main differentiator is that the user can set their own odds, and trade throughout a sporting match.


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SportCrypt is nice hunt that you have shared today

this seems to be fun!

Sports btting is big business - very interesting to see it migrate to the ethereum blockchain.

seems a great application for trading which can be helpful and useful for everyone to trade safely

SportCrypt looks quite amazing way to trade throughout a sporting match, thanks for sharing.

With the SportCrypt platform users can set their own odds. good hunt.

thank you so much for sharing the app, have a nice day and a great hunt

interesting app, thanks a lot for sharing, great hunting

SportCrypt is a peer-to-peer sports betting with in-game trading.
Interesting Hunt! @nafishamansuri
Thank you!


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