Design of steel structure - The best app for designing steel structure


Design of steel structure

The best app for designing steel structure



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Hunter's comment

The great civil engineering app for designing steel structure.
20181113_095253.jpgTopic:Comparison of
Some object:

Linear Elastic and
Plastic Designs

cluding the appropriate capacity factor f and

For elastic design, each of the members in the structure
must have a design bending moment capacity (Ms) greater
than the design



Hunter: @nevlu123

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Excellent app. I've learned a little bit and I know that it can be a tough subject with a lot of moving parts. Some students get really challenged and they need to learn in their own pace. The amount of topics covered (50+) is simply great.

The test features are great to keep metrics on how well you are doing. The simple design does look kind of boring. But it makes the app lightweight, fast and responsive.