The Shoe That Grows - Shoes that expand 5 sizes

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The Shoe That Grows

Shoes that expand 5 sizes



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With compressed rubber soles, antibacterial synthetic uppers, high grade Velcro straps, expanding to 5 sizes, cleaned easily, cleaned easily, used effortlessly & long lasting, Because International’s The Shoe That Grows attempts to help disadvantaged kids consistently have right sized, fitting shoes.

What if a shoe could grow?

Let’s make an idea, a reality


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Very clever design and something that is needed.Kids grow very quickly and shoes are thrown away because they outgrow them. Normally the shoes are still fine and this guarantees a shoe that should break before you out grow them. I don't think brand names will be happy with this and can't see them copying the design as it will reduce sales.


Yes. @cryptoandcoffee.
The Shoe That Grows 👟 has 👠 been 👞 thoughtfully 💭 designed.

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This hunt was rolled over and I think it's amazing idea which is deserved top place. Clever and amazing idea.


My apologies. @monajam
I did check, though, by both the name & the URL: it did not show up.

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No problem :)

Always check by keywords as well, such as , for this hunt, you can check by 'shoe grow'

A great shoes especially for poor people who can't afford buy new shoes for their rapidly growing children.
I hope it is as much durable as it needs to be.


Thank you 🙏 @steemingmark

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Your welcome mate. Thanks for your 1% upvote

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