R 7 smartglasses - Industrial VR smartglasses that can withstand any condition

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R 7 smartglasses

Industrial VR smartglasses that can withstand any condition



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Hunter's comment

R-7 is a see through smart glasses that can be used in any walk of business such as medicine, engineering, manufacturing.
The smartglasses is very rugged and can withstand any environment such as

  • Extreme temperature
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Wind

It has a 3gb ram and 64gb storage and runs on Reticle OS by Android.




Hunter: @ninuola


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I love that smartglasses havent use one of them yet but I really want to try one as soon as possible its like living in the future

Nice hunt this is no doubt a stylish sunglasses. Not only it able to take photos but it can also record videos, and live stream too on top of that the memory is up to 64 GB. Truly great gadget.

These smart glasses are really cool, as they are extremely resistant to high temperatures and other external conditions. They are also very useful to help workers who use them to improve their performance at work.

Great hunt.

Every day I visit this site, I see new and beautiful products and get useful information. These are the products that perform very well as the area of use in the glasses. Good quality and design at a good level. Thanks for sharing.

I like Virtual Reality technology and with the features R7 smartglasses look like a great way for it. Awesome hunt.

Smart glasses, style and technology, 3GB RAM with 64GB storage are very capable for many activities and don't seem to be going to do a lot of multitasking, so this is pretty great.

Glass that can record and do live streaming? My on my

I an speechless right now.

I must try this product out for real.

Nice hunt

Love to have a pair of these for my BOB! Excellent!

Cool glasses. I wish you would've placed more info about it. :)


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