LIGHT FIELD AR HUD - AR turn full windshield to head up display & make car smart

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AR turn full windshield to head up display & make car smart



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Light Field AR HUD is an AR enabled windshield head-up display that makes your car smart, thereby giving you a superb AR driving experience.

Integrated with driving assistance system, information push service, office & entertainment system, and SLAM etc., the full windshield transparent display is a high potential smart and/or autonomous car human-machine interface, with strong extensibility.


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I like this product, can we order it online?

When driving, most drivers tends to check the oil, fuel and speed which can impose a problem with their eyes off the road but with this product the driver will get all the necessary information that he desires such as landmarks, speed, fuel gage and oil levels etc displayed on their screen pretty amazing. Excellent Find

Wao I have got to get one of these in my car. Truly makes the car display smarter.
Cool Hunt


  • AR based technology.
  • SAve your from accidents.
  • Good quality display
  • make your car smart


  • non

Really an amazing hunt mate, it will surely prevent a lot of damage which is done due to accidents.

This is really cool. It is only a matter of time before all of this is standard in automobiles. There is no reason why augmented reality will not take over in the next few years.

We are going to see a digital layer over our physical world very soon.

Great hunt dear friend
This is really awesome vr hub and it will be really fun to drive whie driving this.
Thanks for sharing with us.


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great hunt, this is brilliant and can provide so much information. I am not sure, if it's better to have all the information on the windshield as it is more in direct line of sight so safer, or will it act as a distraction. however, it is a cool idea and implementation.

Great helping tool for drivers who are new in town. It will make their life easier. Nice hunt

Do you Know what?
A good driving experience gives a long way to determine how much you will enjoy your journey.
Thanks for sharing

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