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Altcoin Monitoring Desktop App


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Hunter's comment

Today i am going to introduce you a altcoin monitoring application for desktops. I have already something like that on my phone but i also needed one for my desktop and this application has just everthing that i need.

Its 43mb and easy to install. After installation it comes with standart BTC, ETH, and LTC, graphics. From the menu there is an option to add the coins that you want to follow. So i alreaddy added Steem and SBD. You can even choose the market that you use so i choosed Bittrex here.

You can add alarms for following the possible price changing. You can add your holdings to monitor every coin easyly.

Till so far that i used it its a usefull tool and easy to follow the things that you need. Ofcourse there needs more features to be added like some drawing tools on graphics.

I enjoy to use this programm so you can also give a try.



Hunter: @omersurer

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  • It is hard to find a desktop app that monitoring altcoin
  • The results are detailed from this app
  • The size is very small
  • It can set alarms which is great
  • Useful for trader


  • Nothing for this hunt

Keep up the hunt!
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Great hunt !

  • It is suitable aid for crypto traders
  • The applications notify of potentials coins
  • If provides detailed analysis of altcoins
    CONS :
  • The application has alot of ads which is annoying

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Very good

Great hunt @omersurer!

The following text is my opinion about this product, I'll write down the things that I like or dislike about it.



  • supports multiple cryptocurrencies
  • you can track coins
  • create your portfolio
  • set up alerts
  • it works on both MAC and Windows
  • intuitive UI
  • graphs for coins
  • supports converting coins
  • over 1400 coins



  • nothing, a nice desktop app


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