Teclast F7 Notebook - Cool design and powerfull Laptop

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Teclast F7 Notebook

Cool design and powerfull Laptop



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Hunter's comment

The Teclast F7 is an affordable laptop with a Windows 10 Home license and good hardware specifications. The casing is not made of plastic but metal which gives it a nice premium feel and yet the laptop only weighs 1.3 kilos.

Some important specifications are the outliers are the 14.0 inch FullHD IPS display, an Intel Celeron N3450 CPU, the 6GB DDR3 memory, the 128 SSD hard disk and the included Windows 10 home.


  • Full metal housing
  • Size precision touchpad
  • Good specifications
  • Great battery
  • Good WiFi specifications
  • Included Windows 10 home edition
  • Feels like a premium device and 1.3 kilos


  • Only two USB connections available
  • The metal housing makes the laptop "cold" on the bare legs





Hunter: @omersurer


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  • Sophisticated Specifications.
  • Slim, simple, but powerful. The design does not use a variety of colors, it; s only silver. Simple but elegant.
  • 14 Inch full HD display up to 1920 * 1080 IPS.
  • Full Sized Keyboards. It really works when you need speed in typing.
  • Light. Only 1.23 Kg.
  • Windows 10 Ready, Game Ready.
  • Suitable for use either multitasking or focus on one process only.


  • Nothing. This is the perfect laptop for various activities.

My Opinion:

  • Looks like I am very interested in this product, but there is no dealer available in my country (indonesia). Besides, can you tell me the price ?.

Hey, @omersurer you found cool laptop great hunt

Here is my review


  • Smart design laptop
  • Lightweight laptop easy to carry anywhere
  • Made up of high-quality material
  • Comes with full HD screen
  • Comes with 6 GB Ram much faster
  • Support SSD drive to access fast data
  • Comes with 9th generation processor
  • Support good battery
  • Price is not bad for this cool laptop
  • Overall cool hunt


  • No cons are found

Here is something for your Hunt


Thanks man ;)


  • in full HD display
  • it comes in 6 GB RAM storage
  • it's an affordable Windows 10 version laptop
    -lightweight and can be hand carried; only weigh 1.3 kilos

Cons :

  • it can only attached 2 devices; has 2 USB ports only

Pros :

  • Lightweight (1.23kg) and slim, easy to carry along for work or school
  • Powerful CPU & specification
  • Support SSD drive
  • Very reasonable price in terms of such powerful specification

Cons :

  • None can be found in this hunt.

Thanks a lot ;)

Howdy! @omersurer thanks for this hunt.

Here's what I can say on this product:


  • The simplicity of the design is good for the minimalist type of people. Though there are no decorations etc. still, it is the performance that the customers will rely on.

  • The item is lightweight too and slim. Comparing to the laptop that I am using it is quite easy to carry. Mine is around 1.95kgs almost 2kilos and it is really hard to carry especially if I go somewhere.

  • 6GB is good for the RAM and the battery life and it has a dual mic! Whoa! I haven't tried my built in microphone on my laptop but having 2 mics hmm.. ( what would the other mic do?)

  • It also have a perfect 5 Star Rating from the buyers from the Aliexpress


  • None that I can think of as of the moment.

Thanks for your review, i saw the picture also that it has dual mic but i thought it was a mistake maybe :) For this price it is really good and i already told a few friends also about it

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Thanks a lot ;)


A Celeron laptop at the top of cool products. Really.

Nice Hunt!


  • wow just and amazing laptop for only $300 USD
  • reading the data and comparing it to my macbook pro i can't find that many differences also the design seems like they tried to copy the macbook design


  • I'm personally not a fan of windows to be honest

I didn't look at that side but you are right, i checked twice now and indeed the design looks like macbook :)))

Hello @omersurer
You just did a wonderful hunt cheers!
Below are my review for this product hunt.


  • Very lightweight
  • Slim with large display
  • Minimal yet attractive design
  • Powerful CPU
  • Full keyboard
  • Amazing graphics and features


  • None so far

I love this!


Thanks for review, for the price its really good product.

Pros :

  • A great new laptop that provides a full quality of video which provides the latest generation of specification.
  • It has a more simple but yet attractive design which makes it uncessary for you to create a additional design.
  • It provides a better video quality wherein it displays a full high definition video.
  • It has a more responsive yet quite type of keyboard.

Cons :

  • This product is expensive and yet there are some products which provides better specification and then much cheaper.

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This is my opinion about your hunt


  • The Teclast F7 laptop is great, comes with a Windows 10 license with a powerful specification, and its metal casing makes it the best. Example of the amazing specification that is FullHD IPS 14 inch screen. It is perfect for these beautiful Laptop lovers.


  • None for this hunt

This is the value I give to your product


Thanks @johntor indeed metal casing is always cool ;)

Wow, this is really good. I'd really want to get one like this in the future :D

very good ... this is a great hunt. i think this is very unique and interesting