Toshiba dynaEdge AR100 - Smartglasses "See What I See"

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Toshiba dynaEdge AR100

Smartglasses "See What I See"



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Hunter's comment

Hi everyone,

Today's hunt The Toshiba dynaEdge AR100.

The dynaEdge AR100 smart glasses has a samall display (0.26") and as resolution 640x360 px. The combination is particularly interesting for commercial and industrial use, such as following instructions, navigating or viewing documents and videos can all be done while the field of view is not blocked, you keep a good view of the surroundings, the dynaEdge smart glasses also have a touch pad, GPS, speaker, microphone, gyroscope and a speedometer with a 5 megapixel camera.

What can you do with it: The transfer of what the wearer sees for remote support, document representation, work process instructions and real-time data recording.

The dynaEdge AR100 Viewer integrates seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure and can be fully customized via industry-specific software. His task: to organize the work processes of companies and their employees in the field more efficiently and thereby increase overall productivity.




Hunter: @omersurer

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Hello @omersurer
It's great to see a great hunt from you and this is my opinion about your hunt


  • Product Toshiba dynaEdge AR100 is a lot of usefulness and good function, although with a small screen, did not rule out to work well.
  • Glasses Toshiba dynaEdge AR100 also has a camera of 5 mp in it.
  • A good view becomes an added value in this product. So you should have this Toshiba dynaEdge AR100 right now.


  • None for this hunt

This is the value I give to your hunt

Look at you go! Well done, your post has been cleared for liftoff (aka @steemhunt Upvote!) Keep it up Hunter!


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Thank you for the comment. I am really glad I've found this information.

I definitely will be more careful in the future.