Simvey gaming glasses - It’s an anti blue light computer gaming glasses

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Simvey gaming glasses

It’s an anti blue light computer gaming glasses



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A Simvey Elite glass will help to block upto 97% of harmful types of blue light ray thereby helping our body to keep it's natural schedule.

When using a phone If a phone or pc including computer games or ps4 late at night and you discover you have trouble sleeping, then you need a Simvey computer glasses. Simvey glasses are important for everybody using an electronic device each day.

Some cool features it has includes:

  • It keeps your eyes safe from blue light rays emitted from computers, Cell phones and Television etc. brightening everything also to help in reducing glare, which help in making driving so safe at night or when it’s raining.

  • It also helps to reduce eye strain on a computer, phones, tablet,or television.

  • It helps in relieving Visual Discomfort and fatigue when using a computer over long time

  • You won’t have to spend nights staying awake after making use a Computer late at night for a long time

  • You get it in different sizes and colour to match your voice various fashion desires.

  • they are relatively cheap compared to what they offer $12 will get you one .. winks

So if you love to working on screen, you love playing games and you love your sleep and fashion as well, this is a great recommendation for you.

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Hunter: @peakreal

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  • The eye is the most important senses to be maintained and cared for as possible, the radiation beam from the pc screen or the mobile phone makes damage to the eyes. The product you show is one of caring for our eyes from the ray of pc screen or mobile phone during game play.
  • Besides the cool design and affordable price make the product more cool.


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