The players circle - Apps that helps to promote basketball player to promote them

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The players circle

Apps that helps to promote basketball player to promote them



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Hello there, I’m here to share a apps with us The Players cycle this apps help to promote the high school students that choose to be a player of basketball with the help of highlights, stats and including daily activities.
The application can also be use to share highlight on basketball as well. The apps has the following cool features

  • maximize your exposure
  • Personalize your profile
  • Share your updates
  • Personalize new feed



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Lovers of basketball should get this app to help them improve on their skills. Basketball students should also download it to understand their stats.

Right now I am thinking why no one else came up with this early on. There are a lot of talented Sportsmen out there in Obscurity and something like this is needed to give them a fighting chance.

I see more Scouts making use of this application to check out young talents.

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This is a great application that will give those who plan a professional future playing basketball more exposure and potentially being captured by more and better scouts of professional teams. It would be great if this app works for other sports, maybe that's the only point I'm against.

PS: Maybe it can be used for athletes who practice other sports but the site does not specify it.

Great hunt.

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Hello @urbangladiator thanks for the verification of my hunt. In regards to hunter @peakreal1 in fact the user of the account happens to be my twin brother, and he has also told me about how one of the moderator that verified his post accused him of alternative account. I've read the rules of steemhunt, and I much understand multiple account is not allow.... Thanks for your understanding

This Looks Like Great Iniative App I am Loving It.


  • It serves as a tool for promoting basketball players.
  • It will help basketball players all around the world to easily connect themselves.
  • It will helps basketball players to build their status.


  • None

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excellent hunt for players now they can share there variety of shots and their skill level easily