Nod Ring - Gives Your Fingers Magic Powers


Nod Ring

Gives Your Fingers Magic Powers



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Meet Nod Ring: a smart wearable device that gives your fingers magic powers. You can use finger movements to control things around your home. Use it to swipe between slides, go through your photos, control your Smart TV, and more. Have a smart thermostat? You can use Nod to control it with a simple gesture. The Nod ring is compatible with your smart lighting system and music players.


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Can you feel the magic power yet? Only kidding you have to actually wear a ring the "Nod Ring" to be precise to give you the ability to control thing's around your home, but of course not just anything the devices need to be smart ones in order to be used with the Nod Ring.

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Great hunt dear friend
This is really helpful and smart ring through which we can easily control many devices.
Thanks for sharing with us.

This is the ultimate thing for a lazy person! Don't want to walk to the light switch? Just give a flick of your magic finger and it switches on. Same with everything else!


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