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Pocket-Sized Microscope Cameras



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The 'TinyScopeCAM' is a pocket-sized microscope camera for users who are looking for a way to capture content like never before and more. The camera can capture images at up to 1,000x magnification to let users take a look at microscopic scenarios for personal interest or even scientific purposes, if desired. The camera is simply to use, has a lightweight design and a high-quality build that work to make the unit ideal for everyday use or to bring into the field.




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thank you for sharing superb product my friend. micron level resolution is one of the best feature of this device. Outstanding hunt

  ·  작년

Great hunt dear friend
This is really useful gadget that we can use in private places.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Definitely not the first use of the concept. But it is my first time seeing this type of design. CA$ 124 price tag looks like a great deal for me. Makes me think of some of the old analog microscopes at school as a rip off.

I can definitely see scientists and botanists using this camera microscope for field work, to capture the natural world in great detail for their projects. It looks easy to carry as well.

  ·  작년

This camera is crazy that it is so small and so technological gives us an idea of ​​why man came to the moon, great fighter, my friend @pitre

Amazing.... Love the simplicity and the design. Id definitely use this!


Incredible product, it is very good and easy to use, it fulfills its default function, you can easily carry it in your pocket, being very comfortable to carry anywhere, highly recommended. 10/10

Is TinyScopeCAM—Microscope in half the size of a business card the dematerialization of photographic microscopes? @pitre
Interesting Hunt.
Thank you!


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