Profoto B10 - "A big light in a small package"


Profoto B10

"A big light in a small package"



Hunter's comment

What is it?

This is the most compact and powerful for it's size flash for photography. Insanely portable, insanely powerful, and has the Profoto accessories and modifiers available.

Simplicity in Design



Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 5.45.26 PM.png

It's extremely small, flexible and powerful. With around 400 full power flashes in the pack. High speed sync, and TTL built in.

You can grow with this light.

Adjustable Color Temperature Modeling (Continuous) Light

The modeling light can be used in video and adjusted color temperature to better fit your shot.




Hunter: @playitforward

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Definitely Profoto B10 is the most compact and powerful one. I am sure it will be very useful for most of the photographers but only problem is I don't have 1595 $ for it right now, LoL

  ·  작년

A product in black color and simple design. If I were a photographer, I could try this product. Light is very important in this business sector. High-speed synchronized product. Thank you.

I checked its feathers such as size, power flash etc and all of them are great, I guess it worths of 1595$.

A small portable flash. The modeling light can be used for video and adjusted color temperature to better match your shots. A good feature and advantage. Cool hunt.

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"The power of 5 speedlights" So that means nothing.
Tell us about Watts and battery range.
It looks like a step down Profoto B2...


It’s a huge step up. It’s 250w same as b2 but battery, tiny without any cables and has ac option as well. @pranto it’s meant to replace the b2

I think this is a really good innovation on photography. Photographers can really use this for effectiveness. Thanks for the hunt!


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