Microsoft Family Safety - Dashboard for your family life and safety

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Microsoft Family Safety

Dashboard for your family life and safety


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Hunter's comment

This app has everything you need for monitoring your family members for the purpose of their safety and status. It shows a decent dashboard and location sharing.


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Wasn't expecting this from Microsoft. It's a nice added benefit for the users. I wonder if they're trying to go for our data like Google is doing. I kind of don't want that to happen.

In this age of technology there is alot of good and bad content out there and the Microsoft Family Safety feature is one amazing tool to keep tabs on what everybody is doing with their online activities like screen time, websites and applications used, the searched terms used and while I think features such as this are too controlling and invasive I do like the location sharing tool but we are sacrificing alot of privacy for safety.

The safety of our family members is very important and this app has all it monitor for us to monitor them .what a nice app that keeps our mind at peace that are family are secured

The technology provided by apps these days is good but this app is better then others in uses .Thanks for shairing
Nice hunt