The Everlasting Regret - A game falling into beautiful Chinese poem

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The Everlasting Regret

A game falling into beautiful Chinese poem


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Hunter's comment

This game lets you fall into a Chinese poem called "Song of Everlasting Regret" with beautiful Chinese styled illustrations and background music. Please check out the demo video below:


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I really this story and I wanna start playing to see more of this , great finding humor

For sure this game will help soothing mind with old Gold chinese music Maybe :) 🎶

Wow! What a great game you hve searched. I have seen many types of games like this b ut this is so good as people can easily able to enjoy the chinese poems. Great Hunt!

The Everlasting Regret looks a nice game and I surely try this, thanks for sharing.

Not usually enjoy this kind of games but this look so so peaceful that I will definetly try it.

Love this game, thanks for sharing with us fellow ❤️

It is looking so good. I will definitely try it and use it.


It is looking so
Good. I will definitely
Try it and use it.

                 - sachin08

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Has The Everlasting Regret pioneered a new genre of Chinese poetic games?
This promises to be an addictive UX.
Interesting Hunt! @project7
Thank you. 🙏

I am not fond of any games but it seems some different and interesting.

It is nice that I will use it as soon as possible..