Clocky - Robotic Alarm Clock Now you can't oversleep

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Robotic Alarm Clock Now you can't oversleep



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Hunter's comment

Hello Friend,
Today I have hunted a robot alarm clock which name is Clocky. It is a robot on which you can set alarm and it will wake up on that time not only rings It will jump from nightstand It can jump from 3 feet and start running around your bed with lightning and ringing with Loud R2D2-like robotic sound and with Flashing backlight indicator as it runs It has a Strong battery life up to a year .. Here is a video on its working

Thanks ,



Hunter: @ranatalha

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Good hunting, for those people who have trouble getting up in the morning, with this device will no longer have an excuse to forget something. In the same way it can scare someone who is deeply asleep.

But .. I want to oversleep .... :P

wow great hunting, I really like the robot alarm clock, with a very small design that makes me interested in owning it, and it has a function to make me part of it early

I love robotics. We are seeing them enter into everything. To me, this is so exciting.

Great hunt.