JD Humanoid - A Programmable Humanoid Robot Which can dance any many more

2년 전

JD Humanoid

A Programmable Humanoid Robot Which can dance any many more



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Hunter's comment

Today I have Hunted a JD Humanoid Robot which can be

  • Program
  • So there are many varieties of work it can because it can program it also have a 3D programmer
  • Can Be make in many things
  • As it can program for many functions as it can be make by removing its parts it can be make in many body types
  • Its Function
  • Because it can program so it can perform many fuction like Dancing it can dance so beautifully . Their is a video in which it is dancing
    It also have lightning eyes and all parts are ,b>Removable and Moveable I hope all hunters and viewers will like it .





    Hunter: @ranatalha


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