Lumi Gaming Drone - Fliping and Dancing Drone with Leds

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Lumi Gaming Drone

Fliping and Dancing Drone with Leds



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Hunter's comment

Today I will HUNT a Drone which name is Lumi it is a drone but have some other features which a common drone don't .
Its Controls
Yes ! It can flip dance and can do other controls by simple click on is app or its small remote
It follow the person who have the small remote and also can produce sounds and other things
My opinion
I like this product so much because of its fuctions and other shapes kid s will love it and can play , dance and fun with it .
It control like a game all functions are available



Hunter: @ranatalha

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Cool hunt @ranatalha Never heard about a drone that can do all this, sounds like a fun gadget. This might be interesting for younger ones. It'S also good to teach kids early about drones, what they can do and what you can't. A lot of people who fly drones, don't know anything about laws and restrictions.

Some advice from my side, if you download a photo, always open it before you download it, otherwise the quality of the photo is bad. Remember this for your next hunt this will improve your post and maybe you get a better listing.

Keep up the interesting hunts and enjoy your day @ranatalha


  • It is colorful and attractive at most because of its LEDs
  • It is a simple drone and no complications in using.
  • It is built for kids, an alternative recreation for kids which is good.


  • It drains power instantly becuase it supplies LEDs and at the same time, the dronw.

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