Makeblock Neuron - Now you are a inventor

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Makeblock Neuron

Now you are a inventor



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Hunter's comment

There are many thing which you want to change and There are also So many things which you want to make . I hunted a product that allow you those functions Makeblock Neuron is a set with part which can attach with magnetic pins there are many functions which you can perform with it like

  • Bluetooth and Wifi to perform function like communication
  • Input block to enter function by the appThe things you will program will be done by blocks
  • Outputs block which perform function
  • You can invent many things with it.



    Hunter: @ranatalha

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    • Learning Coding and STEM becomes more interesting. Yes, the design is interesting to make children quickly attracted.
    • Built with bluetooth and wireless, and can connect with IoT.
    • There are more than 30 interesting blocks to explore.


    • Nothing.

    My Personal Opinion:

    • This is one very interesting device. Not even a small child who will be interested, I personally also really want it.

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    COOL HUNT @ranatalha
    This is my opinion about your hunt


    • The program used by Makeblock Neuron is perfect for you, can make a lot of things with this Makeblock Neuron.
    • The program will be done by this block has many functions in it, as well as the existence of magnet pins in this Makeblock Neuron.
    • I think this is quite unique when used.


    • None for this hunt

    This is the value I give to your hunt


    Thanks for opinion


    • A fun way to learn and apply Electronics.
    • Voice, light, motion sensors are included in the package.
    • Bluetooth & WiFi connectivity.
    • Designed gadgets can be controlled remotely.
    • Its app make it easy to understand flow diagrams.
    • Training videos and other material can be downloaded from official site.


    • None, so far so good.

    Thanks for Pros: and cons:


    • It teaches not only the kids but also kids at heart to do simple robotics. And without us relying on the extensive knowledge in programming this item is definitely a nice one.

    • Colors are pretty simple and each color have their own usages and function.

    • Lightweight!

    • Compatible to some toys like Lego and MakeBlock platform


    • Can't think of any, this item is really good for me. The price is pretty decent as well because you will have 1 set already for playing/ experimenting.

    Thanks you

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    Neat ....

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