Puzzlebox Orbit Drone - A frone which remote is your mind mean it control by mind

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Puzzlebox Orbit Drone

A frone which remote is your mind mean it control by mind



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Today I am hunting Puzzlebox Orbit Drone
It is a drone with orbit shape and it can control by mind
It is a done which fly like drone but in a different manner . Because of its
Round Orbit Shape
Yes ! It have round shape which make it different form other drone Do you know it do not have remote it is control by
Brain Commands How ?
It have a helmet You have a to wear it then you have to connect it with drone . Now ! you can control by thinking that it is flying to it will fly now you can think left , right , up , and down to move it . It need great focus
It also have a app for controlling it and checking reading of mind
There is a video on its working





Hunter: @ranatalha


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Hi @ranatalha,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Apologies for the late review, I’m not sure what happened there.


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Awesome hunt

This is my opinion about your hunt


This drone product is very unique, with the shape of orbit easy to use by the mind make this product very useful, with advantages:

  • The shape is round orbit
  • Can be controlled with the mind
  • Have an app to control it

for those of you who want to have a unique product, I suggest to have this drone product :)


  • None for this hunt

I'll give you a GIF for your hunt

Great hunt! @ranatalha,

I really want to experience it. My review for this product:


  • The orbit prevents it from falling and shattering.
  • Users can fly it by focusing their concentration and clearing their mind. So it helps developing skills of attention and mental relaxation.
  • Suitable price.


  • None for this product.

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