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Programmable Dino Robot



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Hunter's comment

Hello Friend Today I HUNT a Dino Robot which can program . Programming Robot are common but Dino Shaped Programming Robot is not common
Different Shape
Yes ! the Dino shape is totally different form other robots and also it look so beautiful and creative
Can be Program or Control by App
Yes ! It can program easily bu app and can also control by app it is a learning robot for beginner programmer .
It also have a remote
Yes ! as it can control by app and it can also control by its remote yes it have a remote which have its functions button .



Hunter: @ranatalha

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Pros and Cons
-cool toys for beginners in programming
-Jurassic related toys are still popular

-Not very cool looking and dino make it more complex than remote cars

Awesome robot.


  • looks amazing
  • like the idea of programming
  • control it via app
  • Great thing to buy to your kids if they are interested in it
  • you can controle it via controller as well


  • none :)

Great hunt @ranatalha! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.


Hello hunter friend!
This robot that you present to us today I love ..!
Its design is certainly very different from the programmable robots that we can normally see in SH; ideal to encourage children in the taste of programming without forgetting fun. But I also think that it is a product that can be used by adults, it is so striking..!
But tell me: is it available in other colors?
I would love one that is purple or lilac..!

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