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platform for speed, privacy, better ads, and beyond







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This browser is light, since it has a reduced consumption of resources, fast to surf the Internet and above all anonymous. Bring together the best of some of the programs of this type that are already available.

This browser inaugurates a controversial system of surfing the Internet. We know that more and more users are deciding to install an advertising blocker, causing real problems for content creators.

Brave integrates it by default, although to compensate the authors it also encourages its users to make secure micro-payments to the web pages they visit regularly. In this way, without collaborating with advertising, they can help your favorite sites remain economically viable.

This feature makes it a lightweight, low-power web browser. Accelerates the loading of web pages quite noticeably. If you want to see "responsible" ads, Brave offers to replace the invasive ones with less annoying ones.

In addition to blocking ads, you can also optionally block the cookies that the websites store on your computer to track your search preferences. This increases privacy on the Internet, although the loading time may increase. Another option is to use DuckDuckGo, an anonymous search engine.

Brave was another alternative in a fairly mature segment, but recently this browser returned to star in the technological news after raising millions thanks to the creation of a new cryptocurrency derived from Ethereum.



Hunter: @raulmz

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I love this web browser, it is very fast, runs stable and has the ability to allow you to receive payment for your hard earned work. And they have recently partnered with a advertising company. So now Brave users will have even more ways to be rewarded for their hard work.

Sad someone beat me to this (looks at the time stamp, by almost a year.. funny the other comment wasn't to far away), but this is a great hunt and everyone should get on board!

I believe this browser is making a sweep and many people will switch to it. It offers all the same functionality (with some limitations when using the built in "shield") as far as extensions go.

Some of the sync features are lacking, but considering the version of the browser a lot is to be expected. I am really happy I made the swap. Its so nice and fast!

Also in case anyone wants to drop some support while checking out the browser, feel free to use my URL.