ARuler - AR measurement app - Measure everything with your smartphone

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ARuler - AR measurement app

Measure everything with your smartphone









Hunter's comment


It is an app that makes use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology to measure the real world object with your phone. With ARuler, you don't need to use a physical ruler to measure the objects. It is a powerful tool that can measure the width, height, distance, angle, perimeter or even volume. The latest version of ARuler can also generate a floorplan of your house that you have measured.


  • Measure everything in the real world including distance, width, height, perimeter, volume and angle with your phone
  • Generate floorplans of the objects according to your own measurement
  • Automatically calculate the perimeter, area and volume of your objects
  • Measure the distance on the ground [ your path]
  • Measure small objects on your screen



  • Very convenient because you don't need a physical ruler to measure stuff
  • Accurate measurement
  • The automatic calculation of area, perimeter and volume can save your calculation time


  • It uses ARCore, so that not all phones are supported
  • The accuracy may vary depends on users' phones



Hunter: @ray147880

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In the following text I'll share my opinion about this app, Aruler, and write down the things I like or dislike about it.

Aruler looks like something new since it allows you to measure things using your phone's camera.


  • it was developed for both Android and iOS
  • it allows you 3D measurements
  • you can measure angles
  • you can measure distance from the camera to a 3D object
  • on-screen ruler


  • not sure how precise this is but the idea of such kind of app is amazing.

Great hunt @ray147880!


Thanks for your detailed reply

Pros and Cons
-Very cool and sci fi like tool

-Highly rely on shape of the item
-Need testing for weird shape


Thanks for your review


  • A very useful app in doing measurement easily
  • Useful especially in renovation, or purchasing furniture
  • Free to use and even without ad! perfect!


  • I guess it would be less accurate compare to traditional way

thx for your feedback

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Thank you for sharing this ruler app @ray147880 , this can be really useful in any way. Please see my comments below:

Pros :

  • An excellent application which gives you a more convenient way to measure anything without any use of tools. You will never be using those tape measure and also you will not be measuring one by one instead it does instantly check every length,height and width of an object.
  • The application itself is really easy to use where it has user friendly user interface and some clickable functions which really respond immediately as the user executes it.
  • This application is both available in Google Play and App Store.

Cons :

  • This is a good application which i don't see any cons in it.

Awesome product
Pros :

  • You can use this application to measure the width height length
  • It provides a quick approx reading
  • No need to carrying measuring tapes with you anymore

Cons :

  • The accuracy of this is not perfect , IT gives approx values


  • It is useful to measure different object
  • Just watch the video, is it very powerful in measuring which over my imagination
  • We do not need physical ruler anymore


  • There are some similar product

Thanks for your review

NiceHunt @ray147880

Note: This is just ”My Personal Opinion & Assessment”, not intended to “Judge” the reviews you have made.


  • Idea / Innovation
    The idea of ARuler is 100% unique and quite innovative. We can measure anything with ARuler and the level of accuracy is quite high. This is needed by workers who require measurement activities with high accuracy.

  • Design / UI / Spec
    The UI is simple. You can measure anything easily.

  • Features / Advantages / Benefits
    Measurements with high accuracy.

  • Price
    It's "Free" to use, and there are no ads or purchases inside the app.

Unfortunately, many reviews from users say that this is not perfect, and still need a variety of development.

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Thanks for your detailed review


  • Definitely an essential app for Engineers & Quantity Surveyor! How convenience can that be! As we always go on site with various things like drawings, measuring tape. With this app, we can just simply bring along a phone or a tablet!

  • Easily record your measurement; As mentioned above, in a traditional way we have to carry a lot of stuff, which made us difficult to do proper record. With this app, all the measurement can be recorded and presentable.


  • Accuracy is critical in measurement, which has be tested later on.
  • Not applicable on all devices
  • Might not be acceptable generally, especially for the old-fashioned company.

As I am working in the construction industry, I reckon this hunt is a fab one! Thank you for your sharing dude.


Yes. Thanks for your detailed review. It is really very useful when you need to do a lot of measurement every day.

This is awesome! I'm giving it a test drive for sure!


Thanks mate!

Congratulations on your verified.
Its cool app I think. Good luck.


On your verified. Its cool
App I think. Good luck.

                 - ilovemylife

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Cheers mate

all I have to say about this... Awesome!!!


Thanks man!

Really great Hunt @bitrocker2020

  • This App works pretty good with all modern Smartphones
  • Measurement of regular shapes is pretty accurate
  • Conversion from meters to inch and feet
  • Can also calculate Volume
  • Very effective and safes time
  • Can't measure every shape of Objects
  • Sometimes isn't that accurate
  • Your Smartphone needs to be supported
  • Also needs to have lighting conditions

Yea. It still has its limitations.

Pros :

  • you can get the smart application through Google Play and App Store
    -It can be installed easily
    -It can measure things without using a physical ruler or means of measurements
    -easy to use


None for this one.


Thanks for your reply

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Wow, that's a pretty cool little app. Augmented reality for the win.


Yea. AR will dominate the technology industry in the future!


  • This is so cool. I love the look and feel of it!
  • The time savings on this are absolutely huge!
  • I honestly can't believe that it's free.


  • I'd want to test it, but I'm curious to see how it goes when items are different distances away.

Nice Hunt!


  • easy to use
  • great app to get an estimate on a variety of measurements
  • supported on both Android and iOS


  • guess it is fair to say it is not that accurate in case we need an exact measurement

PS: Apple just released the info on there last presentation that they will offer basically the same app coming live at the new iOS version launch. Quite exited to test and compare those two.


Oh really? It is a very good news for the ios users. Let's see how they perform.

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