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It is a fun tool for creators and they can earn with thier creations.

Alethea AI is a marketplace for permissioned AI-generated media (deepfakes). As a Celebrity or Creator you can now create a clone of yourself using our AI and monetize your likeness and voice on our platform.
We're opening up our creator program shortly!


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The gif picture you have used kinda make me laugh for some time, i don't know why, but it did make me smile, may be due to the seriousness of the guy.

Very unique hunt. It would get a good market response.

This is seriously something I've been waiting to happen. I m mean it was inevitable, wasn't it. Could be a great opportunity for people to even create and lease digital versions inspired by their likeness. Awesome Hunt!

Wow! What a great platform you have searched. I think this will be the best tool for earning for those who are interested in creating new creations with this. Great Hunt!

Indeed a fun tool to try for some entertainment. Should be more fun with friends


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