The Knitting Project - Turning Pixels Into Loops

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The Knitting Project

Turning Pixels Into Loops



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Hunter's comment

Hello dear Hunters, The Knitting Project is an unique and amazing work in which we can hacking knitting machines to make beautiful wearable art, celebrating the women of Bauhaus. The aim of this project to connect the expertise of the Portuguese textile industry with designers and technologists across Europe.



Did you know the first computer was a knitting machine? It means that every textile machine can be hacked, resulting in all kinds of patterns and textures.


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A wonderfully crafted aesthetic hunt by a romantic gighy hunter. People who love art and craft will surely find this product a loving one. Have you been in some sort of art school?

I am fond of such products but I have no much idea about this knitting project. One thing I only can say that one can have a beautiful wearable art through this application.

The Knitting Project is a pretty unique and revolutionary idea for the textile field to produce amazing designs of fabrics for the customers in the market. Thanks for sharing this nice hunt with us all.

Through jacquard knitting a huge variety of design can be implemented in knitted fabrics. This is a very good idea


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