Surface Hub - Connect individuals anywhere to the digital Whiteboard

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Surface Hub

Connect individuals anywhere to the digital Whiteboard


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Hunter's comment


This product of the surface series is amazing, for any business out there.

This hub is an all in one "tech gadget" you can easily connect any device wirelessly and work on the hub, in any way, design, have a conference with other coworkers from around the world and more... Connect with them to get more ideas and directly place those ideas onto the hub. You can even open apps and split the screen into numerous smaller sections.

Have business meetings instantly and share your files or ideas to anyone. Communication never was easier! Get creative in your team, with this allrounder...

Extra Information:

  • Connect any product of the surface family to the hub
  • Multitouch-technology
  • Have Conferences around the world and work together on the same project

Starting price is set at 18,202.00 €. This is a huge price , which is why this hub is made for businesses. It is an amazing product for any business, but I can't see private customers to buy such an expensive product...

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Hunter: @redtravels

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Things have changed now, big companies need to change their old projector for conference and meetings.


  • You can put it in your conference room wall
  • It can help big companies to make the best presentation and create interactively environment for a conference or it can also use as video-conferencing pieces of equipment
  • The functions and specs is really great


  • This is too expensive for small companies. Only big companies can purchase this technology


  • The product is totally awesome
  • The shape of the product looks really good
  • Innovative idea that will change a lot


  • Nothing

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I think Microsoft is always leading to make business more productive

Pros :

  • It makes more easy to have a meeting by instantly connecting to coworkers worldwide
  • It minimizes preparation time for meeting. No need to waste time to install a projector for presentation
  • It makes meeting more efficient to share all information displaying in multiple large and small windows

Cons :

  • The color of digital inks for writing on the whiteboard can't be customized. There is only 4 colors available.

Really cool hunt @redtravels


  • It had a very cool design
  • It can support multi-touch
  • Good tool for a team
  • Many different model


  • It is very expensive

As a teacher I can see this being used in a classroom, too.


Definitely! The price has to be reduced a little though :)

Wow, it looks cool.


  • can easily connect any device wirelessly and work on the hub
  • can open apps and split the screen into many small sections
  • provides multi touch technology


  • none for this hunt

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