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24x7 Store

offline to online platform



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It aims to bring your local neighborhood shops online enabling convenience and enhanced shopping experience. We empower our selling partners and ensure hygiene and safety from picking, packing to delivery.




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What a great and amazing hunt. Now a days people's like to create online business. This app helps us to improve our online business skills. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

So you mean local store owner can sell their items online? This is a great initiative to support local shop owners.

Awesome look and feel. Never seen such an app experience. Cool display and user friendly menu. Worth trying this for shopping daily groceries, fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

A very practical way of introducing our neighborhood stores to technology, and this will undoubtedly help to have better profits and that their products go on sale with good quality and the best we can be sure because they guarantee hygiene and safety from receipt, packaging to delivery. excellent hunting


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