Naagali - Buy, Sell & Rent Farmer's Marketplace

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Buy, Sell & Rent Farmer's Marketplace



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This is an unique and convenient mobile platform that provides Farmers & Villagers an unique opportunity to advertise their products absolutely free of cost from their homes


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Naagali looks quite amazing marketplace to Buy, Sell and Rent Farmer's, thanks for sharing.

It is a very attractive application for farm people, as it will help them promote their home products from the comfort of their own. I think that with this they will reach more users and the profits will be much more, great hunting

Buying directly from a farmer, and by-passing supermarkets and all their packaging and extra costs sounds wonderful. I hope this marketplace takes off.

Nice platform for all farmers to showcase their farm produce without thinking of what it will cost them. Nice hunt.

In this economy that we live and work with electronic and online media, it is a very useful and versatile application to advertise all that field that is not very visited


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