Smart Shala - Easy and Fun way Learning for kids

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Smart Shala

Easy and Fun way Learning for kids


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This is a very useful mobile app which helps learning easy for English and Math through animated videos and puzzles and games etc. Very helpful for kids to learn.
This is a free app to learn

Smart Shala is a user-centric design thinking approach which focuses on innovation in classroom transactions and increases learning outcomes among children.



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The application uses the basic premises of understanding every concept through a concrete methodology using 3D Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs) and then move to its abstract form.

Sounds interesting.


I think this the first app of its own type. Glad you like it. Thank you.

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This app provides the content in Hindi is a great thing and useful app for villagers as most people don't know Hindi in Villages.


I think you missed to write English in place of Hindi.


Not at all! I said about Hindi content not about learning English.


Ohk great. thanks so much.

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I also want to improve my English but they are teaching basic English. it is good for kids, they can learn English and Math both subject with animated videos.


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