Google Voice - A Free Phone Number that Works on All Your Devices

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Google Voice

A Free Phone Number that Works on All Your Devices



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Google Voice is a free service from Google that gives users a free phone number that they can easily access from mobile phone app or from a desktop as well.

Available for iOS, Android and Web, this is a cool service for people to use a phone number that they can use for sharing on websites or with contacts whom they actually don't want to share their personal phone number.

Using this, you can send text messages, receive voice mails or call to other numbers, just like a normal phone number would do.

This app service is available in US only or to a selected set of Google's G-Suite customers.


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this actually look like a way to secure your personal phone number, as u dont need to give your private phone number to every dick and harry you meet online, you can just give then this google number.. Great hunt

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Wow! this is really good news for google use and me to.This app can help me with free call.i am very happy because this uses phone,laptop or PC and save my data and phone balance.I think this free call app develop the call service,This app use we talk any country so i will use this app and recommended any other.thanks foe shearing.

This is good as spare phone number for your online adventure. Some folks use Google voice to get US phone number but the service is only available in the US but some persons outside US do use it


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