Yeelight Aurora - 6M Color LED Light Strip with AI

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Yeelight Aurora

6M Color LED Light Strip with AI



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Hunter's comment

Today I want to introduce to you the LED light strip with AI.

Why I Like This Product

Because it contains 16 million colors, so every body can get there favorite colors for there home decoration. With this we can experience and endless possibility of wonders.

Video Review

Lets talk about it's features

Pick Colors

For this features you can use your mobile. You have to just open the camera and select the color in mobile, tap on it on it and then enjoy the feelings.

Timer Function

Now it can solve the problem of alarms. Just make the plan on the app and set the time and it will glow just like sun.Aurora would give you a morning call without sound.

The Beats Of Music

This feature is only for the music lovers. Enjoy.



Hunter: @rodus

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Great Hunt!


Damn just bought me my LED strip a few weeks back. Love this think and also the fact that the remote is your phone so you do not have another remote you never find 🙈

Keep on the good work!

It's a beautiful LED light. There you can get 16 million colors. That will attract people's mind due to beauty. It is for music lovers. Great Hunter.

This LED light is awesome the light show it provides is well worth the price. I think it would be nice part of home decor with 16M light colors to set the right atmosphere in home. It's a real cute idea, sounds good too. Great Hunt.

Great hunt @rodus I just love this colourful LED light strip with Al. Amazing how it change from one colour to another just by using our mobile phone to set or control. Furthermore it follows the beat of the music. If your want to get romantic or funky, you can do so just by setting it to the right mode.

I like the fact that there are so many colors too. You just have to make a choice. This hunt is really helpful, thanks for the hunt!

That's great. This will allow us to create a variety of moods without changing the interior. Especially, changing to the music bit is really cool. I think I can enjoy music more at home. Thank you for sharing!!

It would be great that the lights will connect/dance on every beat of the music. I already have my lightings on my room, soon i will buy this Yeelight and put it on my gaming area. great hunt @rodus !

Interior decoration just got better and more beautiful using this AI-powered LED Light Strip. This is just awesome. Great hunt and stay awesome.

Your Hunt is Approved :)

Well done!

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WOW, you can control the lighting of your room with your cell phone, you have more than 16 million colors to choose the perfect lighting and be able to be comfortable while you sleep, you can also add music if you want to make more pleasant your awakening, great hunting I love

It may seem simple as a name, but it is a great achievement when it comes to visibility of the light. Millions of color combinations bring different feelings. A nice hunt thanks for it.

this is a nice LED lamp, it has so many color patterns, I really like it and this LED light is perfect for decorating the room or in the room

a perfect lighting in our room can take our relaxation level to the maximum, and that 16 million colors to choose is unimaginable, you also have the option to integrate music if it is your taste, without a doubt I will buy it. great hunting.

This will make our room to become more interesting.
We can control it with our mobile devices too, so that's a plus.

Wahoo impressive this led light strip with 16 millions colors possible ! And you can control it, dimmable, timer... Great product and with 192% of $10,000
flexible goal, it's already a success. Great hunt @rodus

What a great product, which offers more than 16 million colors that you adjust depends on the moment you want. a romantic evening.

It would be great to be waken up by YeeLight Aurora in the mornings, I hate Alarm Clock. Awesome hunt.

Wow that's a really great hunt these led light attract me too & i loved one pruple colour light mode which is so classic & from these led light can make our home more beautiful & its easy to operate...

Great hunt

Wow this thing is so amazing.
You can get everyone their favourite color. Can you imagine 16 million colors. Its just mind bowing. You have option of great new type of alarm thats pretty great!!!
Awesome hunt!

Wow, 16 million color is such a great number. My favorite feature is changeable colors with the music. Perfect hunt.

Modern LEDs that can change colors are always a great thing. They spend a lot of energy, have a long lifetime, and they make a beautiful addition to the surroundings (living room, kitchen, bedroom ...). And it's not as expensive as it was a couple of years ago, which is why more people can afford it. Super hunt

It would be great to have a light that works, the function that our alarm, so it would only wake me up and not everyone in the house, with the unpleasant sound of alarms. Thanks for your hunt

Wow this is beautiful amazing i will be happy when i get it it can change the colors with as you want you can get 16 million colors this product get the people's intensions because people's loves beauty and this is full of beauty people's can enjoy music with different light at tyere home from this product the will be more attractive and beautiful .
Great hunt bro
Thanks for sharing

Wow this thing is so amazing.
You can get everyone their favourite color. Can you imagine 16 million colors. Its just mind bowing. You have option of great new type of alarm thats pretty great!!!
Awesome hunt!

Moved to the Hive platform.

I love this stuff and i love it more coz of the alarm and many led light it carries.

Awesome hunt and i think is important for every wedding for dakoration and Thanks You

Sweet mood lighting


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Beautiful LED light with so many sweet colors, music and alarm also. It is so great for lovely feelings. Great hunt!